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StructuredClone.h File Reference
#include "ScriptForward.h"
#include <memory>
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 Wraps SM APIs for manipulating JS objects.


using Script::StructuredClone = std::shared_ptr< JSStructuredCloneData >
 Structured clones are a way to serialize 'simple' JS::Values into a buffer that can safely be passed between compartments and between threads. More...


StructuredClone Script::WriteStructuredClone (const ScriptRequest &rq, JS::HandleValue v)
void Script::ReadStructuredClone (const ScriptRequest &rq, const StructuredClone &ptr, JS::MutableHandleValue ret)
JS::Value Script::CloneValueFromOtherCompartment (const ScriptInterface &to, const ScriptInterface &from, JS::HandleValue val)
 Construct a new value by cloning a value (possibly from a different Compartment). More...
JS::Value Script::DeepCopy (const ScriptRequest &rq, JS::HandleValue val)
 Clone a JS value, ensuring that changes to the result won't affect the original value. More...