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vfs_util.h File Reference
#include "lib/os_path.h"
#include "lib/file/vfs/vfs.h"
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typedef Status(* vfs::FileCallback) (const VfsPath &pathname, const CFileInfo &fileInfo, const uintptr_t cbData)
 called for files in a directory. More...
typedef Status(* vfs::DirCallback) (const VfsPath &pathname, const uintptr_t cbData)
 called for directories in a directory. More...


enum  vfs::DirFlags { vfs::DIR_RECURSIVE = 1 }


Status vfs::GetPathnames (const PIVFS &fs, const VfsPath &path, const wchar_t *filter, VfsPaths &pathnames)
Status vfs::ForEachFile (const PIVFS &fs, const VfsPath &path, FileCallback cb, uintptr_t cbData, const wchar_t *pattern=0, size_t flags=0, DirCallback dircb=NULL, uintptr_t dircbData=0)
 call back for each file in a directory tree, and optionally each directory. More...
void vfs::NextNumberedFilename (const PIVFS &fs, const VfsPath &pathnameFormat, size_t &nextNumber, VfsPath &nextPathname)
 Determine the next available pathname with a given format. More...