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filesystem.h File Reference
#include "lib/os_path.h"
#include "lib/posix/posix_filesystem.h"
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struct  wdirent


#define O_DIRECT   0x10000000


WDIRwopendir (const OsPath &path)
wdirentwreaddir (WDIR *)
int wreaddir_stat_np (WDIR *, struct stat *)
int wclosedir (WDIR *)
int wopen (const OsPath &pathname, int oflag)
int wopen (const OsPath &pathname, int oflag, mode_t mode)
int wclose (int fd)
int wtruncate (const OsPath &pathname, off_t length)
int wunlink (const OsPath &pathname)
int wrmdir (const OsPath &path)
OsPath wrealpath (const OsPath &pathname)
int wstat (const OsPath &pathname, struct stat *buf)
int wmkdir (const OsPath &path, mode_t mode)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define O_DIRECT   0x10000000

Function Documentation

◆ wclose()

int wclose ( int  fd)

◆ wclosedir()

int wclosedir ( WDIR )

◆ wmkdir()

int wmkdir ( const OsPath path,
mode_t  mode 

◆ wopen() [1/2]

int wopen ( const OsPath pathname,
int  oflag 

◆ wopen() [2/2]

int wopen ( const OsPath pathname,
int  oflag,
mode_t  mode 

◆ wopendir()

WDIR* wopendir ( const OsPath path)

◆ wreaddir()

wdirent* wreaddir ( WDIR )

◆ wreaddir_stat_np()

int wreaddir_stat_np ( WDIR ,
struct stat *   

◆ wrealpath()

OsPath wrealpath ( const OsPath pathname)

◆ wrmdir()

int wrmdir ( const OsPath path)

◆ wstat()

int wstat ( const OsPath pathname,
struct stat *  buf 

◆ wtruncate()

int wtruncate ( const OsPath pathname,
off_t  length 

◆ wunlink()

int wunlink ( const OsPath pathname)