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file_system.h File Reference
#include "lib/os_path.h"
#include "lib/posix/posix_filesystem.h"
#include <vector>
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class  CFileInfo


typedef std::vector< CFileInfoCFileInfos
typedef std::vector< OsPathDirectoryNames


bool DirectoryExists (const OsPath &path)
bool FileExists (const OsPath &pathname)
u64 FileSize (const OsPath &pathname)
Status GetFileInfo (const OsPath &pathname, CFileInfo *fileInfo)
Status GetDirectoryEntries (const OsPath &path, CFileInfos *files, DirectoryNames *subdirectoryNames)
Status CreateDirectories (const OsPath &path, mode_t mode, bool breakpoint=true)
Status DeleteDirectory (const OsPath &dirPath)
Status CopyFile (const OsPath &path, const OsPath &newPath, bool override_if_exists=false)
Status RenameFile (const OsPath &path, const OsPath &newPath)

Typedef Documentation

◆ CFileInfos

typedef std::vector<CFileInfo> CFileInfos

◆ DirectoryNames

typedef std::vector<OsPath> DirectoryNames

Function Documentation

◆ CopyFile()

Status CopyFile ( const OsPath path,
const OsPath newPath,
bool  override_if_exists = false 

◆ CreateDirectories()

Status CreateDirectories ( const OsPath path,
mode_t  mode,
bool  breakpoint = true 

◆ DeleteDirectory()

Status DeleteDirectory ( const OsPath dirPath)

◆ DirectoryExists()

bool DirectoryExists ( const OsPath path)

◆ FileExists()

bool FileExists ( const OsPath pathname)

◆ FileSize()

u64 FileSize ( const OsPath pathname)

◆ GetDirectoryEntries()

Status GetDirectoryEntries ( const OsPath path,
CFileInfos files,
DirectoryNames subdirectoryNames 

◆ GetFileInfo()

Status GetFileInfo ( const OsPath pathname,
CFileInfo fileInfo 

◆ RenameFile()

Status RenameFile ( const OsPath path,
const OsPath newPath