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UTF8Codec Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void Encode (UTF32 u, UTF8 *&dstPos)
static UTF32 Decode (const UTF8 *&srcPos, const UTF8 *const srcEnd, Status *err)

Static Private Member Functions

static size_t Size (UTF32 u)
static size_t SizeFromFirstByte (UTF8 firstByte)
static bool IsValid (const UTF8 *const src, size_t size, const UTF8 *const srcEnd)

Member Function Documentation

◆ Decode()

static UTF32 UTF8Codec::Decode ( const UTF8 *&  srcPos,
const UTF8 *const  srcEnd,
Status err 

◆ Encode()

static void UTF8Codec::Encode ( UTF32  u,
UTF8 *&  dstPos 

◆ IsValid()

static bool UTF8Codec::IsValid ( const UTF8 *const  src,
size_t  size,
const UTF8 *const  srcEnd 

◆ Size()

static size_t UTF8Codec::Size ( UTF32  u)

◆ SizeFromFirstByte()

static size_t UTF8Codec::SizeFromFirstByte ( UTF8  firstByte)

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