Source: rmgen/Entity.js

 * @file The Entity class stores the given template name, owner and location of an entity and assigns an entityID.
 * Instances of this class (with the position using the tile coordinate system) are
 * converted by ScriptConversions.cpp to the Entity struct defined in source/graphics/Entity.h and passed to MapReader.cpp.
// TODO: support full position and rotation
function Entity(entityID, templateName, playerID, position, orientation)
	this.player = playerID;
	this.templateName = templateName; = entityID;
	this.position = new Vector3D(position.x, 0, position.y);
	this.rotation = new Vector3D(0, orientation, 0);

Entity.prototype.GetPosition2D = function()
	return Vector2D.from3D(this.position);